A foundation problem can spoil a sale, but its resolution can seal the deal! You have been in this situation before. Your buyer notices a crack, the general inspector makes a comment, the appraiser becomes concerned, and then all of a sudden your "deal" is in jeopardy.

All real estate professionals should have a structural engineer, on call, who:
  • is prompt and reasonably priced and does not recommend unnecessary repairs
  • can put all parties' minds at ease
  • works as hard as you do (available 7 days a week)
  • charges reasonable fees (slab foundation $250, pier and beam $250, Dallas Area)
  • and is not employed by or connected to a foundation "repair" company (many in the Metroplex are)

Remember, most foundation problems are essentially cosmetic issues. As we all know, there are no guidelines, criteria, and minimum performance standards for foundations in Texas. These problems are primarily cosmetic blemishes no more serious than dirty carpet or torn wallpaper and they should not be allowed to sink an other-wise well structured deal. You owe your customers the best help you can provide when it comes to finalizing a sale. Don't let your customers get needlessly discouraged.