The Plano Engineering Corporation is ideal for home owners or buyers who think or know they have a foundation problem and want a neutral and expert opinion.

The usual problem arises like this. The house you want to buy or sell has a crack in the brick or an interior wall. Several foundation repair contractors have made proposals. They all say something different and all of their proposals are expensive. What to do?

You need an expert - a registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) who has a lot of experience in this field.

The Plano Engineering Corporation is where you should turn. We have been here since 1988 and our common sense advice is prompt, reasonably prices and correctly based on cost/benefit considerations - most others are not.

Remember, the problems you see are cosmetic blemishes that are caused by foundation deficiencies that used to be called characteristics by the engineering community. However, they will affect the value and appearance of the home and you should get the best advice available. Call the Plano Engineering Corporation.